Streaming Tutors

Streaming Tutors is US company specializing on online education for health students. I worked with founder of company very tightly to make best iPad experience for the project. App uses iOS 7 visual language to provide clear, readable content (that's what whole app is about) and easy navigation. iPad app can perform almost every action that web-site can do for students that are signed up. After course purchase, students can never visit web-site if they wish do.

I also designed Streaming Tutors web-site, student from-end and teacher management tools. This is one of the biggest design projects I've worked on and includes years worth of human interaction research work (both on web and mobile).

Todd Rothman, CEO of Streaming Tutors:

63BITS (company head of which I was when working on Streaming Tutors) is comprised of a team of energetic, passionate and sophisticated developers who are truly committed to their work. Our company has been working with 63BITS for several years now and each year they bring fresh, cutting edge innovations to our brand. From the moment we started working with the team through the final release of the end product they continue to add value to all stages of the development process. We are pleased with their organizational skills to assure our products are released on time and within their estimated budget.