That’s me.

My name is Torniké Tvalavadze. Everybody calls me Toto, because my dad called me that way since I remember anything. These days, Torniké is for official documents only.

Planning software, designing interfaces, structuring content and making apps for iOS is what I do for living and joy. In short:

I make software that is nice to people.

I worked in several start-ups including Sixty Three Bits, co-founded with my tech friends and executed for four years.

I'm also invited speaker and teacher on technical and design subjects. I'm author and teacher of "User Interfaces for Programmers" at Caucasus University.

Email and Twitter are my main communications tools, I use them daily. Email is best and fastest way to send me a message of yours, especially regarding business. To help you with email text—you can use form on Hire Me page with predefined fields. I read everything in inbox and usually reply within 24 hours on weekdays.

I do have and Google Plus accounts, but I don't use them frequently. Facebook account is only for friends, I won't accept your friendship request unless we’ve met in person. Feel free to browse all public content though, majority is on Georgian. Phone above is personal iPhone I carry all the time, thus please consider and rethink your 3AM call. Japan is GMT +9.