The 2014 List

2014 promises to be very interesting year in my life. For several reasons I would call it a life-changing for both, me and my family. This November my wife got government grant to continue education in Japan. News pushed me to “go indie” even further and I made decision to quit Sixty Three Bits by the end of the year and thus, start working independently. This should make me much stronger as a professional and person. Not being “chained” to one workplace is also bonus I’ve been looking for.

I’ll write about my Japanese adventures later in 2014. Meanwhile here is small to-do list for upcoming year.

Personal Life

  • Successfully move to Japan.
  • Do not stop eating healthy food.
  • Finish job of getting myself proper body.
  • Take sports-climbing seriously.
  • Start Automotive podcast I always wanted to record.
  • Learn reading very, extremely fast.
  • Learn electronics and embedded programing.

Carrier & Skills

  • Learn OpenCL and DSP/image processing in-depth.
  • Learn about UI animation in-depth.
  • Launch my camera iPhone app.
  • Start working on health/fitness app.
  • Assemble standing desk workplace.

This is my to-do list for 2014. I will update this post during this year and write about new, finished or “work-in-progress” subjects regarding subjects above.

I won’t share some personal plans here right now. Just to spice everything up for myself.

Have a good, healthy and lucky year!

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