How to use curly quotes on Mac OS X and Windows


It was always mystery for me which quotation mark to use in writing. Back in school I was taught to use „ … “ for Georgian and « … » for Russian, which is true. When I got my first computer, there were only “English” quote marks on keyboard: " and '. Since then I used those two everywhere and in all languages.

That was wrong.

Unlike straight marks, curly quotes are usually more legible in paragraphs and long texts, and match the other characters better. They are more suitable for reading, and should be used when writing documents, articles, blog posts, etc.

You can see usage on Mac OS and Windows in the post. They are fairly simple to use and remember, especially on Mac.

Right after the post there is even more interesting comment by Erik Spiekermann:

Straight quotes are not quotes. They are inch ' marks or foot " marks or represent a prime (which should look a little different). Only “curly” quotes deserve that name. And, of course, they’re different in different languages. Quotes can also look like this « … ». Or like this » … « In German, we use „ … “.

There is always something new to learn.

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