Got Fuji X100s

Over a past few years my photography changed dramatically. Today I'm really moved by street and casual photography of everyday things and stories, and bacause this kind of shooting can't live with bulky camera I've sold all of my Nikon gear and switched to something small and light.

For several month I looked for camera for my needs and after reading quite a dozen of reviews I got Fuji X100s. It's fascinating how those pro-photographers loved what in essence is a point-and-shoot camera. I've never seen so much positive reviews of a single piece of gear from those kind of poeple.

The Fujifilm X100s is a machine purpose-built for documentary and street shooters.

David Hobby (aka Strobist)

If you already have one, have a look at David's feature-by-feature guide, it's whopping 40 minutes and is packed with usefull things.

So. The Fuji x100s. Capable on jobs? Hell yes.

Zack Arias

I’m off to Hawaii in June for a vacation, and the X100s is the only camera I’m taking with me. With all the gear at my disposal, this is the only thing I feel like I need. I will, no doubt, occasionally wish for a telephoto lens, or a super-wide, or some other bit of kit, but despite that, this is the camera I’m taking.

Chase Jarvis

So it seems I've got a perfect camera out there. Time to shoot!

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