Bootstrap 3

Stable version of Bootstrap 3 is now released. To celebrate this, I decided to upgrade blog using third major version of my favorite CSS and JS framework just to familiarize myself with it.

Eagle-eyed readers would notice new link colors and flat button in archives and Streetmate page, but there is far more than that. One of the best new features is completely revamped grid system which no longer sucks and is completely mobile first fluid goodness. Everything scales automatically out of the box and you have more control over columns and their responsiveness by using new .col-[size]-[columns] classes. As of other components everything seems to be more polished and make more sense from semantic point of view. For example: button groups that can toggle each-other are represented by input[type=radio], basic toggle buttons are checkbox types and so on.

Only thing I do not like so far is default active link color, which looks a bit washed out and makes me think all of them are disabled. Maybe I'm wrong.

So, new Bootstrap 3: new mobile super-friend grid system, 2D styles and HTML that makes sense. Did I mention awesome grid system? Seriously it's that good.

If you use old Bootstrap and would like migrate to version 3, have a look at those migration tips.

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