Circulus Template

Circulus is a template for very good, minimal, yet beautifully designed static blog engine — toto. I created this template for my personal blog, but then decided to open-source it as-well. mainly because I like it, and secondly because there are not much toto templates at this moment.


  • Minimalist and readable design.
  • HTML5 compatible.
  • Supports all of major browsers.
  • Google web-font embedded, but you can modify CSS it as you wish.
  • Adaptive and flexible viewport layout.
  • Support Retina/HiDPI displays.
  • RSS Feed with full posts.
  • Automatic image footnoting (read further).
  • Support for text footnotes.
  • Integrated Read Later (via Instapaper).
  • Clean and organised Archives page.
  • HTML based navigation, no generators.
  • Automatic circle images on header and footer.

Automatic Image Footnoting

Circulus has a very simple but handy feature when rendering images. If you provide alternative text to image-link markdown in you post like this: ![Text Here](http://link-to.your/image.png), Circulus will print-out that alternative text as a footnote for image automatically, so you keep your markdown free of html.


Circulus fonts are different of ones used on my blog. Reason for that is TypeKit, it does require a account to render fonts on specific domains. I wanted Circulus to work out of the box, but maintain readability and typography goodness, thus I replaced fonts with freely available ones from your system, and from Google Web-fonts archive.

You are free to change those fonts on your personal blog.

Installation and Toto Versions

Original toto gem doesn’t support Ruby 1.9 very well, so I modified Gemfile a bit to make it work well. If you have truncated RSS feed then you are running old version of toto, check it with latest on on GitHub.

If you want to be clean with your code just replace gem 'toto' with gem "toto", :git => 'git://' in your Gemfile. By default it’s already done for you.


Circulus supports all the default configurations that toto has, you can override defaults in rack file.


Template is prepared to be published on Heroku, so only thing you have to do is run following lines in terminal:

$ heroku create myblog
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku open

Done, enjoy your blog.

Licence and Contribution

You are free to use this theme for personal or commercial use, just leave the attribution to GitHub repo in the bottom of the template. If you want to get rid of it please contact me.

You are also free to fork Circulus and make any changes, ones that I like will be pushed to my main branch too. Thanks for the interest.

Where to get?

Template is hosted on my GitHub account you can get it here.

Happy blogging!

Update: I no more use Toto static blog engine, thus project is no longer supported.

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