Apple EarPods

Old Apple earphones had revolutionary pure white design that everybody recognised in the streets. But there was nothing revolutionary in sound and durability, last one was even a bit crap. I loved them thought. I loved super-flat frequency response they produced without stupid amounts of bass and I loved the way they fitted my ears. That might sounds weird because majority of complains were about fit.

Apple tried to address fit issue and 3D scanned many ears to come up with arguably perfect shape for the headphones. I can not judge this because even old ones were good for me, those are even better though; And I love how functionally beautiful they look.

Sound is a bit different. EarPods sound more ballsy and meaty but not in a bad way. Even so, they are still pretty flat. If you like "super-bass", "mega boom-boom", Lil Wayne kinda woof—look somewhere else.

To sum up: for the $30 earbuds with included travel case, EarPods are brilliant.

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